For more that 20 years the manufacturing firm Jerzy Gałczyński Firma Produkcyjno Handlowa NEW MEN has been producing

and distributing premium-class suits, shirts, coats and men's accessories. The high standard of our products and reasonable

price allowed us to gain respect and recognition of the customers, therefore

Jerzy Gałczyński Firma Produkcyjno Handlowa NEW MEN has taken up the significant position on the Polish market

of menswear manufacturers. Under the brand NEW MEN Style we are offering different collections which suit every man regardless of the age and taste.

You can find there a big choise of the proper business suits, exclusive ceremony fashion wear for wedding and other festive occasions and casual everyday outfits.




Among the standrard-sized suits we are offering also a made-to-measure tailoring service. This service is available through our stores in Poland

and our partners' salons in Europe. We are offering also a corporate tailoring service for different organizations like hotels, restarutions,

opera theaters, historical reenactment organizations and television. Jerzy Gałczyński Firma Produkcyjno Handlowa NEW MEN has

a widespread store network and lots of wholesale clients throughout Poland. Our products are appreciated also in Germany, Switzerland,

France, Holland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and USA. Many years of experience and improving of our vision of the perfect men's look

let New Men Style achieve the highest saticfacition of the customers. New Men Style – we're creating the new men's look!